Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Top 10 Travel Essentials 2019

I have been on a few trips since May and wanted to share some of the my top 10 travel essentials for 2019 with all of you.  All of this can easily be purchased from Amazon so if you have a prime account you will even receive your shipping for free.  If you don't have Amazon Prime you can sign up below and you can try it for free for 30 days, and for me it is will worth it just for the free shipping. There is another Link for a discounted Prime membership at the bottom of my list, so I am offering you a couple of choices and you can decide which you like better.  I am an Amazon affiliate and if you buy something that I have recommended I will receive a small commission, but it will not cost you anything extra.

Now, onto my Top 10 Travel Essentials for 2019.  These are products that I use all of the time, and not just for traveling, but these are my absolute favorite travel items.  These are things I take with me everywhere.  Anything to make life a little easier and more like home when I travel.


I started using this backpack this summer and I absolutely love it. It doesn't get too heavy and it holds everything.  I also have another travel purse that I bought from Amazon a few years ago which I also love.  I may do another post or an Amazon shopping page of that purse on it also in the near future.


I love this little popsocket. I use it as a phone stand on flights and it makes holding my phone a little easier. I also love that it reminds me to Trust God.  It makes watching my phone so much easier.


This is my all time favorite soap. I buy 2 to 3 bars at a time in several different scents. I also love the Wavertree & London Persimmon & Red Currant scent and the Wavertree & London Sicilian Orange bar. I take it with me everywhere. Sometimes when I use it at night and I get into bed and I just love smelling my arms, because it smells so good.  I pack it in a soap bar holder in my makeup bag.


I bought this mineral sunscreen this spring on the recommendation of a YouTuber that I follow. I have been loving it. I changed over to a mineral sunscreens because I have been trying to move away from chemicals on my skin. This works great and does not leave a white undercast.  This is a very large bottle and this sunscreen can also be used on your body, not just your face.  I put it in little tubs to take in my carry on, or if I am traveling for longer I will take the whole bottle.


I bought these Amazon Fire Tablets last summer on Amazon Prime Day for travel in our RV. We do not have TV's in the bunks and I wanted my granddaughters to be able to watch movies on Netflix and these worked perfectly. My daughter and here husband stayed in the bunks one night also and they used them too.  Since they link into my Amazon Prime Account they can also read books and magazines on them with my Kindle Unlimited Account. These are also great for plane flights, because you can also watch movies on them.


I am loving these water bottles for plane flights, I have two of them since I normally buy two bottles of water for flights.  They are easier to carry on a plane and I am not buying plastic bottles any longer.  Less waste, and after what I watched the news this week, this is probably the way to go, since some airlines and airports are stopping the sale of plastic bottles.  They do come in different sizes.


This Procella Travel Umbrella is the greatest umbrella that I have found.  It is windproof so it will not blow inside out.  We live in Florida, but have been to Denver, Tampa, and Hawaii since May and these umbrellas worked out great.  We had heavy rain and wind and they did not blow inside out and kept us dry.  They were also great in Dublin last year.  Perfect for rainy Dublin days.  They also fit in my purse, so they were easy to take with me.


I love this new weekender bag that I bought this summer.  Again, this was at the recommendation of a vlogger.  It works perfectly.  It slides over the handle of my carrry on bag, and it holds my purse and also my tablet, cords, phone, books, magazines, and ipod, and it still fits under the seat in front of me. It is one of the best things that I have bought for traveling with this summer.  My mom got one also and she feels like it is a little heavy to start with and because I can put so much in it, I would not want to just carry it through the airport, but I always carry a small suitcase on the plane, so it works great for me.


I love these H2X cups.  We all have them in our house and they go everywhere with us.  They keep everything cold and the ice will last forever in these cups.  I recommend them to everyone, so now our friends, kids, and cousins all have them.  I now pack it in a suitcase to take with me, because sometimes I want more then water when I get where I'm going.


Kindle Unlimited is the number one thing that I love when I am traveling.  I am able to put all my magazines and books on it that I want to read each month and it is great.  The reading material that I get from Kindle Unlimited are different from what I can get from the library, so they complement each other.

This is one last thing.  If you don't have Amazon Prime, here is a link to try it out.  I would recommend giving it a try.  It pays for itself every year when I order Christmas gifts and the shipping is included.

I hope that this list helps you out a little.  I always love seeing what people are packing to make their travels easier.

Have a great week and safe travels.

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