Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chicken Dijonaise

This recipe for Chicken Dijonaise was so good and so simple to make.  You can make it in about 30 to 40 minutes from start to finish.  I served it with a salad and mashed butternut squash.  What an easy, healthy recipe.  I am making this one again soon.  

This recipe came from a Better Homes and Gardens 30 Minute Dinners magazine.  I love reading recipes, I read magazines, cookbooks, and of course Pinterest, but simple, fast recipes are my favorites.  This one really fits the bill.  As you know, I don't really follow recipes, so this is my version.

Chicken Dijonaise


8 chicken thighs
1 cup flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
8 TB butter
1/2 cup chopped green onions (I used freeze dried chives because I was in a hurry)
2/3 cup cream
1/2 cup white wine (I used moscato)
6 TB dijon mustard


Split the butter between two frying pans and melt

Mix the flour, salt, and pepper together.

Coat chicken with flour mixture.

Fry over medium high heat for 10 minutes on each side.

Remove chicken from skillet when done.  I placed them on a platter.

I put all of the drippings into one pan.

Next I added the chives and cooked for about 2 minutes in the drippings.

Next add the wine, cream, and dijon mustard.  Stir and cook for 1 to 2 minutes until smooth and slightly thickened.

Pour the dijonaise sauce over the chicken and serve.

I hope you like this recipe as much as we did.  Let me know what you think.

Have a great week.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party 84

We want to thank everyone who shared with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party 83.  We love seeing all of your posts.

We are looking for co-hosts for the months of April and May.  We would love to have you join us.  Send me a message and we will figure out dates.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop 84.

We are happy to have you at this week's party.  We always love hearing from you, so leave your comments.
Have a great week.

How To Make Eye Moisturizer

Today I'm showing you how to make Eye Moisturizer.  I ran out of eye cream, (ugh!) and decided to make an eye moisturizer (yeah!).  It uses some pretty simple ingredients; jojoba oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, aloe vera gel, DMAE, and carrot seed essential oil.
You can buy all of these items at a store like Whole Foods or Sprouts.  You can even get them online through Rose Mountain Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

I'm using jojoba oil as a carrier oil, since it is easily absorbed into your skin.  

Rosehip is a great oil with anti-aging benefits.  It penetrates to the lower layers of skin to help increase collagen production.  Rosehip oil also helps fade age spots, restores elastacity, and is high in retinoic acid which helps brighten and firm the skin.

Vitamin E helps firm the skin and also helps fight wrinkles

Aloe Vera Gel is great for hydrating your skin, and is great for sensitive skin around the eye.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil - is great for revitalizing and toning skin and is considered one of the best essential oils for mature skin.  Carrot Seed also assists in removing toxins and water build up in the skin giving it a fresher more firmer appearance.  Which is great for puffiness around your eyes.

DMAE is ideal to help firm and tone throat and facial skin for a more supple look.

How To Make an Eye Moisturizer


1/2 oz jojoba oil
1/2 tsp aloe vera gel
2 droppers rosehip oil
1/2 dropper vitamin E
6 drops Carrot Seed Essential oil
4 drops DMAE
1 oz amber dropper bottle


Whisk all of the ingredients together, and pour into the amber dropper bottle.

To use put a drop on your finger and pat it around your eyes.

Let soak into your skin for a minute then add your makeup as normal.  You can also use this with my Firming Eye Serum.  Put the Firming Eye Serum on first and after that has dried add the eye moisturizer.

Have a great day.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
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