Friday, February 7, 2014

Charly's OJ and Sprite for Friday's Happy Hour

Today we have an alcohol free drink from Charly, called Charly's OJ and Sprite for Friday's Happy Hour.  She got hooked on these during her pregnancy, and they are pretty good.  She gets heartburn from everything, so she decided to dilute her orange juice with sprite to cut down on the acidity.  She had me taste it on last Sunday and it was very good.  My dad used to do something similar with his lemonade.  I'll post that one in a couple of weeks.  

Anyway here is a very simple drink, that everyone can drink.

Charly's OJ and Sprite


1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup sprite or any lemon lime soda


Pour orange juice and sprite in a tall glass filled with ice.

Stir and serve.

Makes 1 drink

I always love hearing from you.  What are your favorite alcohol free concoctions?

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chocolate Mint Hearts

These Chocolate Mint Hearts can be made in about 15 to 20 minutes, and they look beautiful.  I   bought this new silicone heart mold at Michael's for Valentine's Day.  The inside of the mold was so pretty, that I had to give it a try.  It is a Wilton mold and had directions to make chocolates in it by just melting three Candy Melts in each heart.  Well, I must tell you, we were all impressed when they were done.  These hearts were made for Valentine's Day, and I made three dozen, and they are gone.  I will need to make more for Valentine's Day, but they are so easy that is not a problem.  (By the way, Vince and I ate a few, but my Hubby ate all of the rest.  

Chocolate Mint Hearts


1 bag Chocolate Mint Candy Melts
Wilton Silicone Mold


1.  Place 3 candy melts in each heart.

2.  Place the mold in your microwave, and turn the microwave on at 40 percent power for 1 minute.

3.  Pull the mold out of the microwave, and check to see how the chocolate is melting.

4.  Place it back in the microwave and repeat  step 2.

5.  Pull the mold out of the microwave again, and check to see if the chocolate is melted.  It may take one more time in the microwave.  Repeat step 2 again.

6.  Once the candy is melted, drop the mold on the counter several time to release the bubbles in the candy.  You'll see them rise to the top and pop.  I do this maybe 6 to 7 times.

7.  You can then let the candy cool and harden on the counter, or I put it in the freezer for 7 minute to harden quicker.

8.  Next, just pop the chocolate hearts out of the mold and the candy is ready to eat.

9.  Repeat this process until you have the amount of chocolate hearts that you want.  

I bag of Chocolate Mint Candy Melts will make approximately 3 dozen heart pieces.

Thanks so much for visiting today.  We are so happy to have you here.  We hope that you like these hearts as much as we do.  We also made other flavors.  We made Red Velvet and Chocolate Peanut Butter Hearts.  The process is the same.  You can use whatever flavor or color of Candy Melts that you like.

We always love hearing from you.  What are your favorite candies for Valentine's Day?


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party 76

We want to thank everyone who shared with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party 75.  We love seeing all of your posts.

We decided to change the party up a bit, and are now starting it at 6:00PM on Tuesday's.

Welcome to Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop 76.

We are happy to have you at this week's party.  We always love hearing from you, so leave your comments.

Have a great week.

Coupons for the Week of 2/3/14

I'll post the recipe in the next few weeks.

Here are coupons for the Week of 2/3/14.  I was so excited on Saturday, because I was able to save $108.00 on my grocery bill.  Now, I still spent a lot of money at one time.  I spent $420, but that was for approximately 2 weeks of food for 3 people.  

I have a difficult time being able to buy really inexpensive things like noodles and cheeses for casseroles, because my sweet hubby is allergic to cheese, sour cream, and yogurt, and I can't eat grains or sugars.  We pretty much have a grain free and sugar free diet. (though I buy bagels for my son, which were bogo at Safeway this week.  I was also able to get cereal on sale and used coupons for them.)  We don't eat much in the way of processed food.  

We also have a lot of pets, so we go through 60 lbs of dry dog food, plus 30 cans of dog food and 30 cans of cat food a month.  My cat is also on a special diet, because she only has 3 legs and dry food makes her sick.  Weird, but we deal with it.  

I am showing my menu here, but even though it is just for 10 days, it will really last 14, because some days, I just prefer to do leftovers as long as there are enough of them.  Kind of like last night, after cooking for the Super Bowl, I wasn't cooking anything last night.

Let me know what you think.  I always love hearing from you.  What do your weekly menu's look like?
Have a great week.

Menu for Week of 2/2/14 through 2/13/14

Dinner    Lemon Spiced Grilled Shrimp, Salad, Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

Brunch   eggs, bacon, toast
Dinner   Grape Jelly Meatballs, Chili, Sausage Pinwheels, Wings

Breakfast  Eggs with cheese
Lunch       Salad with almonds, sunflower seeds, avocado, blue cheese dressing
Dinner      Leftovers

Breakfast   eggs, cheese, salami
Lunch       Rotisserie Chicken Salad on OOpsies
Dinner      Paula Deen's Taco Soup

Breakfast   oopsies breakfast taco's with eggs and sausage
Lunch       Faux Mac n Cheese
Dinner      Teriyaki Meatballs, Salad

Breakfast   oopsies with butter and cream cheese
Lunch       Tuna Melts on Oopsies
Dinner      Leftover Planked chicken

Breakfast  Sausage Breakfast Balls
Lunch       Faux Mac N Cheese
Dinner      Date night out

Breakfast   eggs  
Lunch        leftover
Dinner       Mini Paleo Pizzas

Breakfast   Bacon N Egg Cups
Lunch        ?
Dinner       Burgers, low carb onion rings

Breakfast   scrambled eggs and salami
Lunch        Tuna salad
Dinner      Planked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs, Salad, broccoli with cheese sauce

Breakfast  Low Carb sausage muffins
Lunch       Faux mac n Cheese
Dinner      Leftover Taco Soup

Breakfast   Oopsies with sausage and cheese
Lunch        chicken salad
Dinner       Leftover Teriyaki meatballs, salad

Breakfast   Bacon n Egg Cups
Lunch        Teriyaki chicken
Dinner       Hot Dogs, Low carb onion rings, salad

Here are this weeks coupons

$2.00 off THREE Wet IAMS Cat Food $2.00 off any ONE (1) Triaminic 4 oz. product $1.75 off 2 Wonka, Nestle Crunch Candy & Card Kits$1.50 off any Burt's Bees body lotion
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Update 2/5/14

$1.50 off one Starbucks K-Cup Packs $1.50 off one bottle of KeVita $0.75 off ONE Food Should Taste Good chips$1.00 off a GE energy-efficient soft white product
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Updated 2/6/14

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