Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jerusalem Countdown - Movie Review

Jerusalem Countdown Movie available from Amazon

Welcome to my first Blast From The Past Saturday.  Every Saturday I will be posting a previously published post, in order to take my weekends off.  Today, I will be sharing my very first post, a movie review from the movie Jerusalem Countdown.  When I look at this blog post, I find that I had a lot to learn about blogging.

===Originally posted on April 26, 2012===

I wanted to tell everyone about a new dvd that I just watched.  It is called Jersalem Countdown, and it was great.  It was just released on dvd last week and it is from a company called PureFlix.  They brought us movies like Hidden Secrets, The Encounter, and The Wager.  It is really well done, and has a wonderful cast of characters.  (David AR White, Randy Travis, Lee Majors,  Stacy Keech to name a few)

The movie is based on the John Hagee book and it is a fast paced pre apocolyptic movie.  It seems that each year Christian based movies are getting better and better, and it is one that I would definitely recommend.  I hope you get a chance to see the DVD.  It is probably okay for teenagers and adults, but not young children.

Have a great week.

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