Friday, May 18, 2012

Morning Coffee - A Small Ritual

Morning Coffee Center
Yesterday, I wrote about my morning coffee in my blog.  Yes, I need coffee to wake up, not a lot, but enough to help me understand what people are saying to me.  Sometimes my husband, David, will be asking me questions in the morning and I just stare at him, uncomprehendingly.  Then he will start to laugh at me.  That's okay.  After so many years of marriage, you would think he would remember that I will not be able to understand him, until I have a cup of coffee in me.

I love coffee so much that I have a specific area in my kitchen for making coffee.  I have this great coffee machine, a Saeco Royal Coffee Bar, and it is not working right now.  It needs to go to be repaired.  This makes me very sad.  I had to go buy a Mr. Coffee, which you will see in the pictures below.

My Almond Roca Flavor for my coffee

I have coffee flavorings, many different flavorings, because you never know what flavor you may want.  Unfortunately, I am such a creature of habit, I normally use the same flavor every morning.  That would be Almond Roca.  Once they were out of it at World Market, and I thought I was going to cry.  I now buy 6 bottles at a time.   It takes being able to function to make an exciting new flavored coffee in the morning, like an Almond Joy coffee, a peppermint patty coffee, or even just a chocolate covered almond coffee.  I can make all of these flavored coffees, but not first thing in the morning.  They can come later in the morning, once I am actually awake.

The many flavors to make special coffees

I will at some point try to actually measure ingredients for different flavored coffee and give you recipes.  I just need to do that when I am awake.

I hope that you enjoy your coffee or even tea.  Let me know how you like your coffee or tea in the morning.

Enjoy your morning rituals.

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