Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Lives Through Music

Mark Schultz - He's My Son

When I look back over time, I can see my life through the music I have listened to.  The stronger that I have become in Christ, the more I listen to Christian music.  I absolutely love listening to Denver's Christian Radio station 91.1 KLove.  When I turn on my car KLove is always playing.  My kids, who by the way are adults, call my music Jesus Jams.  I feel peace come over me when I hear some of the songs that play.  I love the Mark Schultz song He's My Son.  It speaks to my heart.

And in 2010, when my middle son was on his first tour in Afghanistan, I listened to Mark Schultz's Letters From War all of the time.  He was a dog handler in Operation Moshtarak looking for IED's.  We did not hear from him for weeks at a time, and he was in the first wave of the invasion.  This song helped me to feel closer to him.

Video of Mark Schultz's Letters From War

 Matt Maher Hold Us Together

My childrens's ringtones are songs that I love, that seem just right for them.  My oldest son's ring tone is Matt Maher's song Hold Us Together.   My middle son's ring tone is, of course, Letter's From War.  My daughter's ring tone is Hope Now by Addison Road.

Addison Road - Hope Now

My husbands ring tone is The Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody.  That was the first song we danced to at our wedding.  We also had a friend sing Michael Bolton's I Said I Love You But I Lied at the wedding.  There are always special songs in our lives.  I can remember dancing with my babies in my friend's living room to 50's music.  That music was before my time, but all of the kids and babies loved the music.

Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody

There are bands from my 20's, this is aging me since that was in the 80's, like Flock of Seagulls, Madonna, Steve Perry of Journey (remember the video Oh Sherry),  Elton John.

Journey Oh Sherry

Or how about the 70's with Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Carole King, Chicago, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, and the Bee Gee's.  I would sit with my best friend in my room and we would listen to these albums over and over.  We had boyfriends at the time who could do the laugh from Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young's Suite Judy Blue Eyes.  I can remember skiing in Mammoth, California and them doing the laugh on the lift.  We thought they were so cool.

As you can see we can see our lives through the music we have listened to at certain points in time.  This is a special time in my life for music.  You see, what my kids call Jesus Jams, is music that is worship music.  I love that the music the music I listen to is beautiful and glorifies God at the same time.  Life is good, because God is good.  Even when things are tough I have this wonderful Father who loves me unconditionally.  Isn't that grand?  You don't get much better then that.

All videos are through YouTube

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