Thursday, May 3, 2012

Upholstering My Couch

My couch has needed to be upholstered for some time.  I finally asked my husband if I could find inexpensive fabric, would it be okay for me to reupholster the couch.  He of course being a kind and wonderful husband said yes.  He actually is wonderful and kind, but more about him later.

I did not think about taking the picture before I started taking off the fabric, so the couch is already partially stripped of fabric and fringe.  There used to be fringe around the entire bottom of the couch.  It was very pretty when it was done 17 years ago, but alas, now it is dated.  I have been stripping the couch for about a week now.  I never realized how many stables were in  a couch.  You also have to use a tiny screwdriver to remove them,  my hands are certainly sore.  Anyway, I have now removed 1000's of staples, and as you can see below I am almost done with this part of reupholstering.

Dare you ask, has she done this before, no I have made slip covers, but never reupholstered something.  When I first started removing the fringe from the bottom, and it was too late to stop,  and I was thinking OMG what have I done.  Now I am not so afraid.  I am getting there.  The next part will be cutting and putting the fabrics together and then getting it onto the couch.  Again, with the staples.  Hopefully it will be easier getting them in then it was taking them out.  Below are pictures of the fabric that I am going to use.

I am getting excited.  Since I have never done this before, I have relied heavily on books to help me.  I believe that I can do anything if I have directions.  All of the books say that stripping the couch is the hard and boring part, putting the fabric on is the easy and fun part.  I am waiting for the fun, yeah!!!

Anyway,  when I get a little farther along, I will post more pictures, so that you can see the changes along with me.

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