Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rosary Necklace Tutorial

I made this Rosary Necklace for Charly for her birthday.  It was my Great Grandmother's Rosary, and she had been asking for it since she was a little girl.  She would go through my jewelry box and ask for different pieces and try it all on.  The rosary was one of her favorite pieces.  Something she always loved.  So for her birthday I turned it into a necklace and it came out so pretty.  It has wooden beads and the cross is made of wood and silver.  It is a simple project and one that would be easy for you to do. 

Rosary Necklace


1 clasp
2 jump rings
needle nose pliers


1.  Find the center of the back of the Rosary.  This is where you will place the clasp and jump ring.

2.  Use your needle nose pliers to open up the link between two beads.

3.  Separate the links

4.  On the right side you will need to place a jump ring into the link and then the clasp onto the jump ring and then use your pliers to close the jump ring.

5.  On the other side I had to remove 1 bead, because I did not have enough room to place my jump ring.  So remove the bead.

6.  Form a loop with your needle nose pliers, but do not close it.

7.  Then place your jump ring in the loop and close your loop with your pliers.

8.  You are done.  Just insert the jump ring into the clasp and you have a Rosary Necklace.

Now, I am not trying to put anyone's religion down, but turning my great grandmother's rosary into a necklace, we are not Catholic, and it was a shame to have it just sitting in a drawer.  So this was a way to pass a little bit of family history down to my daughter.  I hope this helps you with a necklace project.  I always love hearing from you.

Have a great day!!!

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  1. Whilst it would have been nice for the Rosary to be utilised for it's real purpose (I am a Catholic) I do agree that it's better being used and loved rather than wasting away in a drawer. So pleased something beloved in the past, now has the chance of a similar love in future.



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