Friday, May 3, 2013

Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini

Today we have a Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini for Friday's Happy Hour.  This is not a drink that I will drink, but this one is for David.  He loves Dairy Queen's Chocolate Covered Cherry Blizzard, so I thought I would make him a Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini.  It was a huge hit.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini's


1 oz Godiva liqueur
1 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 oz cream
1 oz Grenadine
Chocolate Syrup
4 Maraschino Cherries - optional
1 oz melted chocolate - optional
skewer = optional


Put maraschino cherries on a skewer on wax paper and drizzle melted chocolate over cherries. (I didn't do this, because I forgot to buy cherries.)

Mix Godiva Liqueur, vanilla vodka, cream and grenadine in a martini shaker with ice until well chilled.

Put some chocolate syrup on a plate and run the rim of the glass in the chocolate syrup.

Next pour your chilled Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini into the glass.

Set you skewer of chocolate covered cherries on your glass as a garnish.

Makes 1 drink

I hope that you like this drink. David says this drink is delicious.  I always love hearing from you.



  1. Oh this looks heavenly! part drink - psrt dessert- If it wasn't 8:45 in the morning I'd make one :)

  2. Yum! It's not one that I would drink either - too much sugar for me. But it truly looks delicious and lucky David that he can drink them!


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