Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fruit Skewers for a Baby Shower

Vince made these Fruit Skewers for a Baby Shower.  He is a really good big brother.  He came over early to help move furniture out of  my living room to make room for the tables, and ended up helping me finish getting the rest of the food ready.  They were very simple to make, and looked so pretty on the food table.  They would be great for any party, and look a little more festive then just a fruit bowl or fruit platter.

Fruit Skewers for a Baby Shower


bamboo skewers


Cut the stems off of your strawberries, cut the rest of your fruit into bite size pieces, except for the grapes.

Thread the fruit onto the skewers, using one of each kind of fruit on the skewer.

Make enough fruit skewers so that you have 1 to 2 skewers per person.

Vince made about 30 skewers and we had 20 people at the shower.  We had about 6 skewers left at the end of the shower.   So these ended up being a big hit.  I think the only thing I would add would be a fruit dip next time, but that didn't seem to bother the people at the shower.

I hope this gives you another simple idea for a shower, luncheon, or barbeque this summer.  I always love hearing from you.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I love this idea of the fruit skewers for the baby shower. I'm the one getting all of the baby showers thrown for me right now but I have a friend having a baby shower in a few months and she would love this! So many great ideas in here for baby showers. I really love the christian aspect of your blog as well. I'm your newest follower! ~ Jamie

  2. Simple and delicious; great idea that I will steal for a party I'm going to in a couple of weeks... Dropping by from the blog hop. Visit me at

  3. Yummy! Everything is better on a stick!

  4. Yum! My kind of snack. And perfect for any party!

  5. just pinned this. got you from Serenity now. I think I'll make this today! thanks for the very colorful and attractive idea!

  6. This would have been great for my Mom's party (which was yesterday). thanks for sharing. Linda

  7. Pinned and shared - thanks for linking with Kids in the Kitchen! Yummy & beautiful


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