Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mia Grace Baby Blanket and Blog Happenings Update

I have been working on a new pattern for this Mia Grace Baby Blanket.  It's named for Charly's baby girl, who will be here sometime in the next month.  I am trying to get it done, so that they can take it to the hospital with them to wrap my beautiful little granddaughter in.  Once I have finished it, I will post the pattern for all of you.  It's pretty simple and works up quickly.  Mia's nursery is black, white, and pink, which is why I'm using these colors in the blanket.  I will post pictures of the nursery this week.  Charly is just putting the last of the babies things away and finishing putting things together and then I will take pictures to show all of you.  It's adorable.  She and Ryan have done a great job.

I also wanted to post a little update about what is happening on Adorned From Above.  I wrote a post several months ago about blogging and trying to find some kind of a balance in my life with blogging.  I love blogging, but I have found that it seemed to take over everything, so I am taking a little step back.  I will still be posting, but less frequently.  I found that I have really missed some of my hobbies that take a little more time.  So like with this blanket pattern, I will post a little less often, because some of these things take more time to make.  Also, since Charly is having a baby soon, she will be spending more time taking care of Mia and less time on the blog.  We will see how much time she feels she can spend blogging once the baby is here.

We can not tell you how much we appreciate the time you take to come by and visit us.  We hope you will continue.  If you sign up for emails, then when new posts come up they will just show up in your emails rather then you having to check back each day for new posts.  

Have a wonderful week.


  1. What a beautiful baby blanket. You are on the threshold of so many exciting new times with the arrival of the little one! I totally understand about taking a step back from blogging! I look forward to seeing your updates when they are posted! :)

  2. The blanket looks beautiful. Blogging is great but there are other things in life that need attention as well--do what you feel in your heart!

  3. Very beautiful.... I would like to see the whole of it...

    1. Hi Julie,
      I'm sorry I can't get a picture of the whole blanket. It has been packed away. If I can get a picture at some point I will certainly post it.

    2. Hi Julie,
      I forgot I posted the pattern. Here is the link.


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