Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ribbon and Feather Wrapped Ornaments

I love the way these Ribbon and Feather Wrapped Ornaments came out.  They were so easy to make.  They look so cute on our Christmas Tree.  Such a simple craft for Christmas.  

Ribbon and Feather Wrapped Ornaments


Spools of 2 inch Wire Ribbon (in colors of your choice)
2 lengths of feather (I found them in the craft section of Michael's, they are approximately 4 feet long) (colors of your choice)
straight pins
6  Styrofoam balls (10 inches in circumference)

Directions for Ribbon Balls:

Cut 6 7 inches strips of wire ribbon

Fold over ends 1/4 of an inch

Put end of 1st ribbon at the top of the ball and hold in place at the top and the bottom of the ball.

Do the same thing with your next ribbon, layering over the side of the 1st ribbon.

Work this way all of the way around the ball, and then pin at the top and the bottom of the ball.

Now cut 1 8 inch strip of ribbon, fold in half and twist the bottom of the ribbon and pin it to the top of the ball.  This is what you will hang it from the tree with.

Directions for the Feather Balls:

Pin the top of the length of feathers to the top of the ball, and then spin the ball and pin the feathers in a spiral down the ball until you get to the bottom.  I pinned the feathers down about every 1/2 of a row.

Aren't these easy to do?  I love the way they came out.  I hope you have fun making these.

Happy Holidays.


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