Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Captive Movie Review to Come

I have not seen the movie Captive yet, I am going to see it tonight before it leaves the theaters.  I am asking all of you to do the same.

This movie was directed by a very close family friend Jerry Jameson.  It  is a true story  based on the  a book called The  Unlikely Angel written by Ashley Smith, a young woman who was kidnapped and held hostage by her captor, Brian Nichols.  Ashley Smith is played by  Kate Mara and Brian Nichols is played by David Oyelowo (he won the academy award for best actor this year for playing Dr. Martin Luther King in Selma.

This movie has a great message, and I am hoping that we can support it before it  is gone from the theaters.

Here are some links to the reviews for the  movie, and  I will write a review about it tomorrow.  Please take the time to go and see this movie.  There are too few of these movies made today that make it to  theaters, so we need to support them when  they come out.  I will also be seeing War Room tomorrow , and will review that movie later this week.

Thank you so much for being here today.


‘Captive’ reflects faith-bases films shift to grittier, non-preachy plots

NY Daily News | 13 SEPTEMBER 2015
David Oyelowo was very sensitive about glamorizing violence in his newest film, ‘Captive’

Getty Images | 14 SEPTEMBER 2015

Star News Online | 16 SEPTEMBER 2015
Pint-size actress makes mark on silver screen

David Oyelowo on new movie “Captive” and Emmy bid

‘Captive turns David Oyelowo into a killer

Variety | 15 SEPTEMBER 2015
David Oyelowo, Kate Mara and Ashley Smith Talk ‘Captive’ and Seeing Others ‘Through the Eyes of Christ’

The View | 15 SEPTEMBER 2015
David Oyelowo on the ‘The View’: Talks about New Film ‘Captive’

Katie Couric | 14 SEPTEMBER 2015
Ashley Smith: The true story behind “Captive”

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