Sunday, September 23, 2012

Personalized Composition Notebook Pictorial

Today I am doing a Personalized Composition Notebook Pictorial.  I love writing my posts in a notebook.  I have tried on my computer and in my nook, but the coding never transfers into Blogger correctly.   Since I travel quite a bit, notebooks work really for writing my posts ahead of time, and then I can just type them into Blogger.  I love pretty things, and I like my notebooks to be pretty.  So today we have a Personalized Composition Notebook Pictorial.  Have fun reading and imagining what you can create.

Personalized Composition Notebook

Things that you will need:
Adhesive spray
Fun Paper
Ribbon  measured the length of the notebook plus 7 inches
Fabric Glue
Cording for closure
Stickers or Stamps
Rotary cutter or X-Acto knife

This is the composition notebook and scrapbook paper that I used.

Spray adhesive

I laid the 1st sheet on the back overlapping onto the front.

Then I laid the 2nd sheet over the front with the back and to the very left edge of the front cover.

I then used my rotary cutter and a ruler to cut the paper the the edge of the notebook, using the notebook as the template.

You can see the paper cut to size.

Then fold the end of the ribbon under and glue it so that the edge is clean, and then glue the ribbon over the spine of the notebook, leaving the extra for inside the notebook for a bookmark.

Next poke a hole in the front right hand side of the notebook.  Put the cording through the button hole, fold in half and then put both halves through the hold and tie in a knot to stabilize button.

Next poke a hole in the back of the notebook and put the cording through the back of the notebook and tie a knot, leaving enough to loop over the button on the front. 

This is the notebook with the ribbon bookmark.

I put a sticker on the front

This is the finished Personalizing Composition Notebooks.

I made this last week and I love it.  I have written posts for the next 2 weeks, and am working on writing more.  It is just so pretty.  It makes me feel happy.

I hope that this helps you to personalize your own notebooks.  Have fun, and let me know what you come up with.  I always love hearing from you.



  1. Nice idea - but when I do blogs this way, I tend to mix writing longhand with my shorthand version. As my shorthand was always 99% memory and 1% good luck, if there is too much of a time lag, there could be problems in transcribing it on to Blogger! Maybe a few years ago this idea would have been a runner for me!

    Good luck with it, though!

  2. That is a cute composition matter what you use it for!! Nice project!!

  3. This would make nice, personalized gifts. It's very pretty!


  4. I love this notebook! I agree, they would make lovely gifts.
    Debbie :)

  5. I love your notebook idea. A grat place to put lists or jot down ideas for future posts.

  6. What a great notebook, a smaller version would be perfect for my purse!
    Jacque - @theDIYvillage

  7. What a great idea. This would make a great gift too. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!


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