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How To Make Natural Tinted Lip Balm and Wednesday's Adorned from Above Link Party 19

Read all the way through to get the recipe for my new and improved How to Make Natural Tinted Lip Balm.
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This is the most adorable birthday dress and so is Betsy's daughter.

These look so good, I am going to have to make them for my middle son who can eat anything.

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I had posted a recipe for Pink Honey Beeswax Lip Balm .  It was tinted with Kool Aid, which gave a just a light color on your lips and a tiny bit of flavor.  One of the comments that I got from someone on Pinterest was to make it with natural food coloring.  Well, I want all of you to know that I do listen to you.  I try to take your suggestions into account, if it is possible.   "Great Idea!!!", "Thank you. Thank you.  Thank You!!!"

I decided to find natural food coloring and to take the recommendation one step further and add a natural flavoring also.  I figure that if we got an amazing lip balm with a great color and flavor, these would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas.  So here it is,  How to Make Natural Tinted Lip Balm.
Natural Tinted Honey Beeswax Mint Lip Balm
1 oz. beeswax
4 TB honey
4 TB coconut Oil
India Tree Natural Food Coloring
1/8 tsp Natural Mint Extract
Melt beeswax in a small pan over low to medium heat.  
Next add the coconut oil and honey and heat just until melted.
Then add food coloring until you get the color you want.  Then and the extract.
Put pan in ice and whisk until your lip balm has hardened and put in your sterilized lip balm containers.

Lip Balm 1 - 10 drops red food coloring

Lip Balm 2 - 25 drops red food coloring

Lip Balm 3 - 35 drops red food coloring
                       6 drops blue food coloring
                       2 drops yellow food coloring

Lip Balm 4 - 35 drops red food coloring
                     12 drops blue food coloring
                       4 drops yellow food coloring

Lip Balm 5 - 50 drops red food coloring
                     25 drops blue food coloring
                       6 drops yellow food coloring

Makes 4 medium Lip Balms or 5 small.
I am trying to make natural beauty products and I think that using natural food colors is a great way to go.  Let me know what you think of this Natural Tinted Honey Beeswax Flavored Lip Balm recipe.  I always love hearing from you.
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    And you AMAZE me with all that you do, really, that lip balm looks incredible :)
    Have a wonderful week

  3. What a great idea for the Lip Balm - just wish I had the space and patience to have a go myself! Will bear it in mind though, if I may, for Christmas pressies for daughters in particular! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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  23. ooops. don't link up linky parties in future. anyhow, i still value your contributions. and here is mine: have taken clear lip balm and simply added in some lipstick, i.e. that 'end bit' of a 'finished' lipstick. worked like a charm.

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