Monday, November 5, 2012

Chronological Study Bible Book Review

Today I am doing a review of The Chronological Study Bible NKJV.

I have been reading a different Bible over the last week, and I am really loving it.  It is called The Chronological Study Bible NKJV.  Sometimes I have difficulties with the time lines of The Bible.   Pastor Sarah at my church, Marilyn Hickey Ministries, always makes it easier, but she has the knowledge to put it all together for me, knowledge that I don't have.  Sometimes it takes a lot of  work and patience for me to get it all.  This Bible is really putting things into perspective historically and scripturally.  It is helpful having the prophets with the kings rather then going back and forth between the different books.  Also, I am getting a more cohesive picture and timeline of the life and works of Jesus.  

The authors of this bible really try to keep the integrity of The NKJV Bible  and if there is a conflict in the times try to let you know that certain passages could be off by several hundred years.  There is a question of time with some of the prophets.

It has been a while since I reviewed a book, but I really felt that this book deserved a review.  I highly recommend this Bible, especially if you are newer to Christianity, or if you are looking to be able to place the scripture historically in time.

I am also reading several other books which I hope to finish in the next several weeks.  When I do I will write reviews on them as well.  One is the new Tim LaHaye book Brink of Chaos.  So far a great new Christian Fiction Book.

I hope that you enjoy reading this Bible as much as I have.  I always love hearing from you.


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