Monday, September 24, 2012

Courage a Devotion

I always pray for wisdom and knowledge before I write these short Bible Studies.  Courage a Devotion is the topic for today.  You see I rely on God to lead, not only me, but also you.  I certainly do not have the answers, but God does.  Today, he is leading us to have Courage, and we are going to follow.

And David said to Solomon his son, Be strong and of good courage, and do it: fear not, nor be dismayed: 
for the LORD God, even my God, will be with thee; 
he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee, 
until thou hast finished all the work 
for the service of the house of the LORD.
1 Chronicles 28:20
 Salomon's job was to build a new temple for God, and he needed to know that God was with him and wanted it done.  Since God ordered that Salomon build this temple, it would be completed no matter what.  Kind of an important thing.  If we listen to God, and do what he tells us, then things are going to work out, because that's what God wants.  It's when we stop listening, and try going it alone, that things don't really happen the way they are supposed to.  Unfortunately, wrestling control from God does not always work out.

God is always with us.  He doesn't forget us or leave us.  He's is there to help us achieve the completion of the tasks that he sets ahead of us.  I always say that I am amazed by what he accomplishes, but this verse says do not be dismayed.   A wonderful thought, and something to remember.  He is God, and he can accomplish anything, and so can we with his help.  

So have the Courage to do the work that God is asking you to do.  He is with you, and with him by you side you can accomplish anything.

I would love to hear anything that you send me. I always love hearing from you.

Have a Blessed Week. 
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  1. Hi Debi! Thank you for inviting me to stop by your blog and participate with your linky parties on Wednesdays. I added you to my list...

    Have a great Monday. Sounds like you are off to a courageous start!

  2. Thank you for the Devotion...


  3. Thanks D, I loved the refresher. So often we are told:
    With God we can do anything...I liked your reminder that we can do 'the tasks He has set out for us to do'. God bless you and thank you for surrendering to his will in your life and adding to ours

  4. With God, we can do anything. I hope that your blog goes really far and I know you will do great things with this post. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!


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