Friday, January 10, 2014

Top 15 Drink Recipes for Friday's Happy Hour

Today I have the Top 15 Drink Recipes for Friday's Happy Hour.  It was hard to get it down to the top 10 so I decided to do the Top 15.  This list, has both alcohol and non alcohol drinks, which is lots of fun.  All of you rock.  I have been so excited looking at all of these posts again this week.  I never seem to get a chance to look back through my posts once they are done.  So this has been a great exercise for me.  It will help me to take a look at what I write, and what you like to see.  Hopefully, this will help me to write posts that are more relevant to your lives.  So here we have it.  Oh, and these recipes are just in a random order.

Top 15 Drink Recipes for Friday's Happy Hour

There are definitely a wide range of drinks on this list.  I would definitely give Moxie's Cold Cure All a try if you end up with a cold this winter.  It works wonders.  

Thank you all again for making Adorned From Above such a success.

Have a great weekend.

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